Welcome to Lifestyle Jolt! This blog is a source of information about business and psychology (in small part philosophy) that I think helps you to acquire new information to give your lifestyle a healthy jolt.

If you’re from generation Y and Z, you understand that moving forward by acquiring knowledge is fundamental, since we live in a globalized world that the internet dominates and this has shortened the threshold of sharing and acquiring new ideas.

Thanks to this phenomenon we can touch lives, make people think and share (great) ideas. We all want to be part of a bigger picture and we think that our particular way will add to this picture. How we do that is up to us, but I think we are obliged to do this. The gift we have acquired in life is up to us to pass on, hopefully in a healthy, balanced and peaceful manner that is in harmony with the other citizens, nature and creatures of this world.

I hope that I’m able to give you a thought and make you ponder, wonder and give a positive drive to take life as a gift and dance that you can share with others in your own special way.